Peder Sjögreen
Senior Partner, LEAN Concepts AB - SWEDEN

Peder Sjögreen was one of the founders of AKKA Consultation and Research, Inc. in Stockholm, Sweden and brings more than 30 years of experience in Management Training and Consultancy.

Peder specializes in organization analysis, management development and service quality consulting. His background includes team building, work restructuring and conflict resolution aimed at demonstrated results. He believes in practical rather than theoretical approaches. Peder's consultation ethics is typically based on mutual trust and openness to unprejudiced solutions.

Specific projects areas include: Human Resource Development, assessing development needs on all levels; organizational, group and individual, providing professional growth; Management Training and Development; Quality Assessment, Organization Development and International Consultancy Services, giving support to individual managers and work units, especially in trans-national organizations. Peder has consulted with service companies and administrative departments within manufacturing industries throughout Sweden, Western and Eastern Europe as well as the United States. Projects have included programs with Swedenergy, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Cunard Line Lt, to name a few. He is on the board of some service companies such as a Stockholm restaurant, a French hotel and a Scandinavian retail consultancy.

Since 2001 when Peder first set eyes on Lean concepts, he has been a keen advisor of the use in service and administrative areas of methods and experiences from Toyota and other Lean companies. He is one of the co-founders of Lean Concepts AB in Sweden.

Peder is a commissioned officer of the Royal Swedish Navy Reserve. He has a second home in Italy and is a Slow Food devotee.