The Legacy of Dr. John Long
Lean Concepts- Detroit, LLC

Lean Concepts-Detroit, LLC was a satellite office located in Troy, MI! This office was opened to assist a growing demand for Lean Training on the east side of the state.  John Long was the managing partner for the Detroit based office.  John Long passed away suddenly on February 20, 2006, and he will be missed by all!  He accomplished more than many will ever accomplish in their entire lives. Read about him in the "About Us" section of our website.

"Forbidding Mourning"                

No tears. No mourning rags.
No beaten breasts; No tattered hair.
No ashes. Sackcloth.
Gloomy faces. Doomy thoughts.


As sure as Hamlet did his dad,
as Texas does the Alamo,
As sure as we remember Mama
and "a kiss is still a kiss"


The things I made.
The tools I used.
My silliness.
The tales I told.
My laugh. My smell.
The way I cut my nails.
Advice I offered--
good and bad.
Such wisdom as I had to give.

My peeves and penchants,
habits, quirks, routines,
the teams I cheered.
the tunes I hummed and
poems that I knew by heart.

My virtues. Vices, too. 
For both combine
to make a man.

Put every piece of me in place
till I am there beside you
clear as sunlight, real as flame.

Imagine I am just asleep,
and now you have to dream me.

                Christopher T. Leland

Lean Concepts Detroit, LLC
John Long, Managing Partner                
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Troy, MI  48084

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