Paula Braun
Managing Partner, LEAN Concepts AB- SWEDEN

Paula started her own independent consultancy, Paula Braun Consulting AB in 1997. She has had several years of experience from management development, focusing on change and development assignments in service and knowledge based companies, both in the private and public sectors. These assignments have varied in character, often starting with a situation where management needs to carry out changes for better results with staff engaged and motivated. At numerous occasions Paula has been called in as an expert in deadlocked positions where previously others have failed.

In order to establish understanding, acceptance and knowledge of continuous improvement, Paula has emphasized good relations within the workgroup. She has also supported and coached individual managers and as well as managers in groups.

In 2001 Paula started developing her own understanding of Lean Thinking according to Toyota and together with colleagues and clients since then further developed her skills in order to master the Lean concept. She has been one of the driving forces to develop and spread the knowledge about Lean and its possibilities within healthcare and service organisations in Sweden. In 2003 Paula Braun was one of the founders of Lean Concepts AB in Sweden.

Paula has previously been employed and engaged as an external consultant at the HR department at Saab Automobile AB in Sweden. She is a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in work organisation and work psychology. She also has a degree in Pedagogic from the University of HTU.

Besides her work as a consultant Paula sits on the board of a number of organisations and has been engaged as an advisor to start-up companies.